There are various types of promotions offered by  Fafa191bet when it comes to using their portal. The promotions are offered on different fields in the form of different types, like cashback refunds or bonuses. In this article, we will check the promotion offered in the Sports, casino, and Slot categories.  We also recommend you to check this yourself this is the link to แจกเครดิตฟรี 300 ไม่ต้องฝาก 2021. Do check it out.

Sports promotions:

  1. Deposit 100, free 300 (for sports part only)

You can get a maximum bonus of 300 baht only by this promotion, so it has a limit to it. It is also provided in sports categories only and it is for the new users who signed up on the portal. This is one of the best promotions offered by this portal you can get 4000 baht by only depositing 100 baht. You deposit 100 baht gets 300 bonus = 400 and it is turned over 10 times then 400 x 10 = 4000.

  1. 10% rebate on computer returns

This promotion is available for all the users, players who are receiving deposit bonus offers won’t be eligible for this promotion. This promotion is counted every week from Monday midnight to Sunday midnight. Users can claim this bonus via live chat or line. The minimum amount that can be redeemed is 1000 baht. It is counted as below 10000 loss x 10% = 1000 baht bonus. Lottery tickets and fish shooting games do not fall under the category of this return.

Casino promotions:

1 Baccarat promotion on racing

To use this promotion players must have a minimum bet of 500 baht in each round. Users must claim this promotion within 24 hours.  If you win 5 consecutive races you get 500 bonus, on 6 wins you get 1000, on 7 wins the amount is 2000 and on 8 wins the amount of promotion is 3000 baht. Players must complete a turnover of 5 times before withdrawing terms and conditions are the same as the Lottery and Fish shooting game is not eligible.

  1. Casinos also provide a 10% computer rebate like sports promotion, the terms and conditions and usage are the same as they are on sports promotions.

Slots promotions:

1 Cash prizes of slot turn balance

This promotion can be redeemed within a day and it can only be received once per day. This promotion is available to all the users of the portal you do not need to turn over to get this promotion. You get the promotion like this on 30000 you get 200 baht of prize money, on 60000 the amount is 500 baht for the turnover of 100000 the amount increases to 800 and for 200000 the set prize money is 1200 baht. The decision of the staff is final, Fish shooting game and Lotteries are not eligible to get this promotion.

2 10% computer rebate like the sports and casino promotions the slots also have this promotion of rebate on your losses.

So the website offers diverse promotions if you want to check it yourself then you need to check แจกเครดิตฟรี 300 ไม่ต้องฝาก 2021. The portal has many more promotions as well you can check it in brief from the link.